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Cute & Cozy

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A Queer Asian

Valentine's Social...

... for friends, lovers, and community.

This is a Queer Asian love affair.

A joyful reclamation of this day of love, curated to spark new connections

through tarot cards, live poetry readings, and temporary tattoos.

Let's fall in love... with ourselves and each other.

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Creative Direction | Jamie Issuh

Tarot | Rivkah Reyes

Massage Therapy | Jeanne Heo

Live Poetry Writing | Jireh Deng

Eye Gazing Meditation | Yoshi Gillette

Produced by | Jamie Issuh, Lili'uolani Nakiaha-Kahalahoe, Yoshi Gillette, Makai Tran & Hop.

Xinmade Studio, Los Angeles, CA, 2023

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