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A Community Celebration of

Queer BIPOC Art & Music,

RITUALS FEST is an independently produced music 

& culture festival created in collaboration with local

AAPI businesses, vendors & city officials.

The one-day festival featured headlining performances by 

Polartropica, Tolliver & Jett Kwong.

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Creative Director | Jamie Issuh

Associate Director | Yoko Okumura

Concept Art & Graphic Design | Jamie Issuh

Choreography | Neaz Kohani

Lighting Design | Paul Phou

Production Design | Melissa Bontempt

Costume Design | Ami Goodheart

Make-Up | Jill E. Clark

Hair | EJ Ellison

Audio Engineer | Chris Votek

Photography | David Rodriguez

Videography | Bruce Wain

Produced by | Jamie Issuh, Polartropica, Leehae Choee, 

Queer Asian Social Club & Cuties

Barnes Park Amphitheater, Monterey Park, CA, 2021



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