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by Dragone


A 21st Century Production of the 

Ancient Chinese Legend of Xishi,

SPLENDOR is an immersive live performance showcasing

acrobatic performances,

dynamic storytelling,

& innovative technology.

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Wuxi 15.jpg

Art Direction | Jamie Issuh

Prop Design | Jamie Issuh

Concept Art | Jamie Issuh, Rui Huang & Christian Tremblay

Creative Direction | Amy Tinkham

Production Design | Bian Wentong & Patrick Larson

Video Design | Patrick Neys, Drop the Spoon

Lighting Design | Olivier Legendre

Costume Design | Yang Donglin

Produced by | Franco Dragone

Wuxi, China, 2019



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Wuxi 14.jpg
Wuxi 13.jpg
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